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The Scleroderma Society in Europe

The Scleroderma Society is a founding member of FESCA (Federation of European Scleroderma Associations), working to forward the cause of people with scleroderma throughout Europe. FESCA is a umbrella organisation for scleroderma patient support groups across Europe. FESCA is a non-profit association and all its work is done on a voluntary basis by members of the individual national associations. FESCA established European Scleroderma Awareness Day in 2009 and by 2010 it had become a world-wide event, now known as World Scleroderma Day. FESCA organises a world patient congress for people with scleroderma (systemic sclerosis, not localised scleroderma) the first of which took place in Florence in 2010 and the second in Madrid in February 2012. The patient congresses run concurrently with the scientifical and medical counterparts.



FESCA's aims and vision

“A world in which everyone with Scleroderma receives appropriate access to the same level of successful care from fully informed healthcare professionals.”

Our vision is one of a world in which:

The FESCA mission statement:


“To make scleroderma a well-known disease and, in collaboration with doctors, to secure for those with scleroderma the best possible treatments, care, and ultimately a cure.”

Our mission will be achieved by:

Ultimately we will:


“Educate the world, patients, and doctors about Scleroderma”

FESCA acts at a pan-European level to promote and achieve its objectives in alignment with the aims of the national groups it represents. As an umbrella group, FESCA supports its member organizations, while the support of individual sufferers of scleroderma remains the sole remit of national organizations.


FESCA's objectives include encouraging the active involvement of politicians and pharmaceutical companies, working with doctors to secure earlier diagnosis and better treatments, and creating greater awareness of scleroderma so that those who suffer from it can access proper, equitable care. To do this, FESCA facilitates collaboration among national associations to share ideas and projects, and works towards the evolution of a political, social, and medical environment that facilitates the achievement of the FESCA vision.

The Scleroderma Society is affiliated to these not-for-profit organisations:

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