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Help us raise funds

We know about the importance of money at the Scleroderma Society. For the past 30 years we have been run and managed completely by volunteers. All of the money that we have raised has been spent on services for people with scleroderma such as our helpline, our leaflets, website and local groups. We have also helped fund research projects and equipment.  We have ambitious funds for the organisation over the next five years.  Our intention is to become the charity in the UK supporting people with scleroderma.  We have employed our first member of staff to help make that change happen. By 2017, we will be spending more on research, more on support services and more on campaigning to make sure that people with scleroderma get the support that they need and deserve.


Of course, in order to fulfil our ambitions, we need to raise money.  We are working hard to raise money from companies and charitable trusts, but our main source of funds remains people like you.  Individuals who have been affected by scleroderma either because you have the disease or because you are close to someone who has the disease.


Our aim this year is to help you help us by providing as much support as we can for your event or activity.  We also hope to arrange some sponsored events ourselves that you can take part in.


Things that we can help with.

Whether you are running a coffee morning, cake sale, or a parachute jump or the London Marathon is more your cup of tea, we can supply you with the basics of what you will need to make your fundraising for the Scleroderma Society a success.  If you need a Scleroderma Society branded running vest or t-shirt, just let us know.  You can also download sponsorship forms, posters and leaflets and some advice in our new fundraising booklet "Get Involved".  We also have give aways and items for sale such as pens, bookmarks and enamel sunflower badges.  We also have collecting tins and stickers - everything that you might need to help you fundraise in the struggle against scleroderma.


There are many ways in which you can help us raise funds.  Below are just a few:


Online shopping and searching

Did you know that you can raise money for the Scleroderma Society without it costing you anything at all?  By using a charity search page, every time you use the internet to search for some information a small donation can be made to the Society.  Now think how many times a week you use a search engine - it can really add up. Online shopping is another great way of raising money for the Society at no extra cost to yourself.  By shopping through an online portal such as everyclick or easysearch, you can shop at your favourite retailers such as Amazon and a percentage of all you spend will be donated to the Society - the price you pay is no different.  With Christmas coming up this can also raise plent of money.  Find out how to raise money at no cost and with very little effort.


Buy a rose, notelet or Christmas cards from the Scleroderma Society

We currently have a few products that are available from us.  Our very own rose makes a perfect present for someone else, or why not just treat yourself.  We also have notelets for sale with a picture of our rose and, of course, we have our very own Christmas cards which we sell out almost every year.  Over the next year, we hope to be adding more things to our shop and hope that you will the products both useful and worthwhile.  


Purchase our Rose as a gift or for your own garden.  Buy our Scleroderma Society Rose notecards notecards, ideal to use for all occasions, and great for creating awareness.


Sponsored events

Every year people get involved in sponsored events for the Scleroderma Society.  We have runners in the London Marathon each year, people who run half marathons and 10km walks, cycles for charity and a host of other things.  We have our own Gold Bond places in the London Marathon and, because of high demand, we always advise you to apply for these places as soon as possible - please note that we give priority to people who have a personal experience of scleroderma (either themselves or a friend or relative).  If you would like to run the London Marathon in 2014 please get in touch now! But we also expanding our potential for sponsored events.  As well as the London Marathon, we have places in the RideLondon 100, a new cycling event which looks like it will become an instant hit.  We also have places in the Thames Walk (a 50 or 100km walk over twelve or 24 hours) and we are hoping to add to the roster.  We have also joined with Skyline events which will mean we can help you do all sorts of things to raise money for the Scleroderma Society - fancy parachuting, free-falling or abseiling?  Of course, you do not have to do it yourself.  You can sponsor one of our intrepid fundraisers - look out for details on our fundraiser page.



Sponsor online - sponsor one of our fundraisers who has signed up for a challenging event, such as a triathlon, long distance bike ride, running or trekking event.


Hold an event, such as a garden party, raffle, afternoon tea, cake sale, host a lunch for friends, or anything else you wish! The sort of fundraising that usually gets the publicity are about running, walking and cycling events. But fundraising is not just about the energetic and fit doing a lot! There are lots of other ways to help. Having a stall at a local fair, making things, or even, as one of our fundraisers is doing, not cutting your hair or shaving for a year! Whatever ideas you have we can help. Just get in touch and we can supply you with leaflets, posters, collecting boxes, t-shirts, anything you need.


Send a donation

Donate online - make a quick and safe donation online and include GiftAid and if you are a UK taxpayer.

Cheque (pdf)  - send a donation via cheque

Legacy (pdf)  - consider leaving a legacy to The Scleroderma Society in your Will.

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